NPICS is a weekly updated list of Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum as acknowledged by Union Government.

Normally a project promoter files Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (to get acknowledgement) for

  • Setting up a new project / plant
  • Sake up a major expansion programme at its existing plant
  • Manufacture a new product
  • Carrying on business of existing SSI units after graduating into large scale industry

Secretariat for Industrial Assistance, Department of Industrial Promotion & Policy periodically acknowledges such memoranda that are being filed by the project promoters and maintains a record of the same.

The data for the site of sourced from such SIA records.

Information such as these will give you an rough idea on the demography of the new projects coming up in India, however we cannot vouch for the authenticity or veracity of the data published here.

Also we do not have any other extra information on the projects that are mentioned here.

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